Advice inside and outside the kitchen so that you can raise the level of your business and make the most of the product catalog that we put at your disposal.
1. Remember to wash your hands at least for at 20 seconds.
2. It's very important to constantly use alcohol gel.
3. Always wash and sanitize your utencils
4. Cleaning and desinfection of all the areas is fundamental.
5. When manipulating food, it has to be done with a clean mask on.
6. Remember to practice social distancing.
7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth if you haven't washed your hands.
8. Stay home if you're sick.
9. When you're cooking fries, make sure oil is new and haven't been used for other products.
10. Remember to always carry our products from the freezer directly to the fryer for their optimal preparation.
11. A whole potato contains 87kcal and adds nutrients such as Vitamin C, potasium and calcium.
12. A portion of McCain fries has 130 kcal and Vitamin C. It's a source of fiber, iron and potasium.
13. For fries profitability, consider: size, solid percentage, size of the cut, kind of cut and coating.
14. The best way to increse performance is an ideal combination of long and short pieces to obtain an optimal volume effect.
15. The more water a potato fry contains, the more individual weight it will have, which results in poor performance. Look for fries with less water.
16. If you want to add value to your dishes, spiral and cross tax are the right fries for you, because they increase aesthetics and performance.
17. A coating fry offers 10% more portions per box than a fry of the same cut without coating.
18. Profits are reflected through the portions that come out of a box of fries, which gives greater performance
19. The savings that you would get in a year using McCain products will surprise you. Just compare the cost per portion of another brand versus the cost per portion of a McCain fry.
20. McCain potatoes are a better choice because they yield more and allow significant savings in waste, labor, time, oil, and energy.
21. Increase your savings by educing the portion of protein and increasing the portion of special cut fries.
22. Fries with coating are more resistent and have a better plate coverage. The savings reflect on utilities.
23. Remember that the performance of a product is measured by the height of the fry, quantity of the solid, size of the cut and coating.
24. Remember that we have products with special coatings and seasoning, before adding more, try the product to verify if it needs something extra.
25. Fries with coating and seasoning makes your menú unique. Also, they stay warm and crunchy way longer, and helps you with savings.
26. Fries with coating are perfect for delivery and take out menus, because of their heat retention, which translates in less waste and more utility.
27. Give a twist to your dishes and add value to your menu with our new McCain Crispers.
28. Including a fry with coating and seasoning adds value to your menu.
29. Our Crisper cut gives and authentic touch to your dishes, their V shape for dipping makes it unique, ready for Instagram!
30. Our spirals are unique! It's a cut that adds value to you menu, ideal for wings, sandwiches or burgers.
31. The Wedges are ideals for delivery or take out, due to its shape and coating they saty warm longer and generate less waste.
32. Offering a second fry on your menu increase your average ticket, giving the consumer the opportunity to choose a premium fry.
33. Surprise your clients with new and different option, like our onion rings with beer coating, mozzarella sticks, cheddar stuffed jalapeños and mini jalapeño bites.
34. Remember to mantain your fries between -12°C y -18°C for an optimal performance.
35. The excess of ice crystals in fries can cause a soft texture and accelerate the oil's deterioration.
36. Discard the box of fries if the product is frozen in a form of a block.
37. It's very important, don't drop or toss the boxes, because it can increse the number of broken fries up to 25%
38. When storing the fries in a freezer, don't put the boxes against the wall and don't put them against each other, neither carry more than one at a time.
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