Made to take home

Delivery demand has increased, and your clients expect the same high quality as your restaurant. Your kitchen needs fries that stay fresh the from the moment you take them out from the fryers until they reach the hands of your customer. Good To Go is our product line that is ready to take out, especially to give your clients and yourself the satisfaction that you expect.

Products that Arrive Fresh at Home

Breakfast and lunch

  • Since so many people are still working from home, restaurants had a downfall on breakfast on lunch services.
  • 28% of interviewed customers say that free or low cost delivery will increase more take outs during the day.
  • Over the crisis, 82% of the customers chose low-contact delivery.
  • Almost 50% of Millennial and Gen-Z customers stated that they will continue using low- contact delivery when buying food, even after this sanitary crisis is over.

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