Inspired by our roots

McCain® Foods started as a familiar company, and after six hard-work decades, proudly we still are. Thank our realness and transparent connections with producers, communities, and partners who share values and sustainability practices.
We put tastiness and quality in the same menu

From appetizers to our iconic fry potatoes!

Let us add value to your menu with our six decades of frozen food market expertise.

Good business

Good ethics is good business!
We believe in long-term work relationships built on trust and respect because when we work and grow together, we succeed together.

The start of a global journey

More than 60 years ago, our history began with four brothers (Wallace, Harrison, Robert, and Andrew). Children of the third generation of farmers that at that moment they’re launched into an innovation journey linking agriculture knowledge with the use of frozen food technology.

McCain® Foods’ first production facilities open in the brothers’ native town Florenceville New Brunswick, Canada, with our very iconic product launch, the fry potatoes.

Reaping the fruit of effort

We are global leaders now!

Proud to offer quality, tasty and practical food in more than 160 countries worldwide through our products, including fry potatoes, snacks, desserts, and more. We always focus on making food the greatest experience for everybody, especially when it comes to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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